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Question   Can I just say wow!!
You're such a perfect and amazing Photographer! An inspiration for all startup photographers around the world. Really appreciate the fine details that you have captured and the subject's personality so beautifully! Love ALL your work, especially sunrise, sunset, birds and peacock pictures!

- Art Admirer  August 12, 2016

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Question   Comment on the unbelievable way Nature is captured
Nothing can be more outstanding than the way reverend Gurdeep Sir has captured the beauties of Nature!
I would like to share my regards for Sir in a poetic manner-
Men of high stature
live by the laws of Nature.

Man gets his stature
from the laws of Nature.

The voice of Nature
is our best teacher.

No beginning no end
to Nature as a friend.

- Dr Disha Khanna September 23, 2015

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Question   About all the pictures
Respected Sir,
Have no words to describe the beauty of all the pictures, breath taking pictures..
so natural,, always wanted to capture pictures like this only.. Its my Dream to be a Nature Photographer.
Marvelous,, inspiring pictures...

- Sandeep Kaur December 19, 2013

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Question   About all the pictures
Sir, I am not able to describe the beauty of all the pictures, don't have words to say how do I feel after seen all the pictures, especially the landscapes and Morning Drops.
So natural, just felt the beauty of nature through your clicks .

- Sandeep Kaur December 13, 2013

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Question   sheer appreciation for divine work that you do
the photography seems to have done with great passion, immersion of love and an accute eye for timing.

Adding a frame (photoshop based boundary/frame) in the pictures might work out to do wonders with your photographs.

well thats just an instant thought!!!

- fortunate enough July 09, 2013

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Question   Exhibition
Daer Sir: Its time that you hold week long exhibition of your works to inspire other leading industrialists to appreciate aesthetics & inspire youth. GNA-IMT is best venue for such an exhibition. Thanks & regards

- Gurinder Ahluwalia March 18, 2013

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Question   As Always
You are perfect as always. God bless you always.

- Gursikh Gursikh November 21, 2012

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Question   As beautiful as always
Wonderful photography by a wonderful person. You are a perfectionist in true sense. God bless you always.

- Art Lover November 20, 2012

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Question   Birds Pictures
Hi Sir,
Birds pictures are Fantastic !!
and thanks for the pictures calendar you gave me.

- Inderpreet Sandhu February 23, 2012

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Question   Great
So soothing so serene..... breath taking scene of nature.
well captured

- nidhi kapoor June 27, 2011

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Question   Too Good
Dear Mr. Sihra,

You are perfect photographer.Very well clicked photographs.
Too soothing to be seen.

- Sona Bhanot May 03, 2011

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Question   birds
If the defination of perfect photography is to be defined I can say beyond doubt that GURDEEP SIHRA will be the two words to sum up the full defination.

Your photography is stunning,factual and so well balanced that looking at it leaves an impression to ones mind HOW COULD BE SOMEONE SO MINUTELY PERFECT !!!!!!!!

- vikram jalota October 25, 2010

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Question   Hello bhaji

Beautiful captions.Especially the morning drops and flowers...very nice! : )

- Sonia Seehra October 01, 2010

  Answer Thanks Puthh for visiting my site .keep visiting.
Love from Paaji

- GURDEEP SIHRA  October 06, 2010

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Question   Norway - Pictures
SSa Bhaji,

You have captured "The beauty of Norway" & picture on your webpage...beautiful....memorable pictures.
Thanks & regards

- Simran Kaur July 22, 2010

  Answer Have you seen any shows if so, which? yes, BUDDYWhat did you think? Well I have to say a massive taknhs to everyone involved, I had the best time ever especially on the last night. The audience were great, the cast were amazing. And I really enjoyed wearing the geeky glasses by the end!! The Memo came to life on the Saturday!!!Any other comments? A big thank you to Sarah for offering me the role of Buddy Holly.And a big thank you to all the cast, we all got on so well together and it has been just fab!!!!

- Alonia Alonia  October 08, 2012

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Question   Photographs of the GoldenTemple
Dear Sir,

The photographs of the Golden Temple are amazing.All the Best.

Warm Regards

Bhupinder Singh

- Bhupinder Singh July 14, 2010

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Question   Nice.
Good job.

- Satvinder Dhiman May 21, 2010

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Question   Very Nice
Dear Gurdeep,

I have never seen such a nice photography. You are really good at it. Want to see more of it please keep updating new photographs. By the way what are your whereabouts?

Tript Prabhakar

- Tript Prabhakar May 18, 2010

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Question   home page as on 28th April, 10
Dear Gurdeep,

Amazing photography. I have seen many a times the houses at UK(if I am right?), but never ever with these feelings of poise and heavenly beauty. Well done dear.


- saaniya thakur April 27, 2010

  Answer Respected Sir
I have seen flowers photo they are so natural colour ,
amazingly beautiful
ak Jain

- ak jain  March 23, 2011

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